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Thursday, October 8, 2009


West Virginia, I WILL CREATE……the next generation of West Virginians who think, who do, and who love our state. I think so often about the opportunities we have every day with young people in our lives to teach by example. About everything. Do we show them how much we love West Virginia? Do we show them that love for WV, like love for anyone or anything, is not about selfishness, or jealousies, or holding so close there is no growth? I need to not just say, but do.

My child holds me accountable every day for 1,000 things. I see her study my reactions, my tone of voice, my interaction with others, my comfort level in every situation. We all have so much opportunity to create the future through our purposeful interactions with children, both our own and all of those around us.

I WILL CREATE…..a new future by showing these children that seeing the world is not betraying anyone or anything, that getting more education than the generation before you is not being unfaithful to family, that being willing to lead sometimes mean being willing to be marginalized, and that the good fight is always, always worth it.

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Ed said...

That is a lovely promise - from a parent that actually parents her kids. I've really enjoyed being back in the state, but the lack of opportunity and outlook is distressing. But if every parent took this pledge, we'd have a very different outlook. I'm proud of you.

The EDG said...

Thank you, Ed! That means the world to me coming from you. I really appreciate it......hey, you should post something too at the A Better West Virginia blog.....

Connie said...

You have an award, Young Lady.