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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


We interrupt our regularly scheduled blog for a reality check.

What makes you want to bother to comment on a blog? I’ve been a bit perplexed at the limited comments thus far, and wondered if you are reading this if you would help me out.

When I thought about what makes me comment on someone else’s blog, it’s usually because I’m upset or concerned about the outcome of a pending issue. I don’t really write that way, so upon reflection it should not be a surprise that my posts don’t create dialogue.

I started this project to create an opportunity to write on a weekly basis, and I can certainly do that whether or not anyone is interacting with the blog via comments. But I admit I also hoped it would become a vehicle to exchange ideas with other people. I have benefitted from the comments I have received, but would really like to see more. Someone today told me “People like soap operas, not integrity.” Hmmmmm.

Is this true? Is it realistic to think anyone will comment on the kinds of thoughts I’ve put forth thus far? Do I need to just write for myself, or change my entire approach if interaction is the goal? Maybe a balance of the two. Let me know!


KathArine said...

I think your blogs are awesome. Usually I don't comment because I want to go away and think about them for awhile. In fact, I'm still thinking about the one about quitting. I think I comment on blogs when I have something I can encapsulate relatively quickly, and I'm not finding that to be the case with your blogs.

TRConnie said...

Write what you want to write.

The EDG said...

I'm finding the further along I go, the more I am doing this for self expression and a creative outlet. Thanks for the good advice.